Our friend Shann, who affectionately earned the nickname, “Shann-tastic” from her friends, (because she is THAT amazing), has experienced more loss and pain during this last year than anyone should ever have to experience.  In September 2016, Shann had a routine back surgery to alleviate chronic pain and debilitating back and neck muscle spasms.  However, due to complications  that occurred during surgery, Shann woke up unable to move. The surgeons immediately performed another surgery, but it was unsuccessful. The procedures not only failed to resolve the muscle spasms and pain, but resulted in Shann's confinement to a wheelchair, her official diagnosis being an "incomplete C- 6 quadriplegic”.  To make matters worse, Shann now has very low blood pressure, preventing her from taking medication to relieve the extreme pain. Instead of doing all the things she loves, like playing volleyball, hiking, working full time at NASA, or baking the most delicious cupcakes and cookies she was known for sharing, Shann is now struggling to accept and process the past year while trying to maintain some sort of independence and normalcy.  Even through the daily chronic pain, Shann still manages to laugh and smile and crack some jokes, but some days are better than others. Many people have asked what they can do to help. Besides our friendship, support and patience, while she determines exactly what she needs, Shann needs help finding and funding contractors to make her home handicap accessible.  She also needs help with the extensive medical bills as well as finding and securing home health care that is no longer covered by her insurance.  Fortunately, Shann’s house has an open floor plan and is ready for the required modifications, the most costly being a lift that will safely take her to the second floor.  This lift will enable Shann to access her bedroom and bathroom and achieve some independence and much desired privacy.     

Shann is one strong and proud lady.  She hates asking for help and constantly worries she is inconveniencing people.  However, she has always been the first person to step up and help anyone and everyone.  She needs us now.  If you are unable to help financially, but still want to help out in some way, please let us know!  More than anything though Shann needs love and support from her friends.
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Rob Calloway Date Received: 10/31/2017
Sharon Burton Date Received: 10/21/2017
"Thinking of you. Sharon and Bryan"
Carlos Perez-Ramos Date Received: 10/17/2017
David Young Date Received: 10/14/2017
Diane Strain Date Received: 10/11/2017
Britt Vickstrom Date Received: 10/10/2017
"Shann, I was in Monroe a few months ago and thought of you."
Steven, Suzanne, Becca & Kristofer Rye Date Received: 10/10/2017
"Thoughts and prayers are with you. Hoping we can share a Spotted Cow someday. Blessings!"
Craig & Hilary Skoch Date Received: 10/10/2017
Pete Jacobs Date Received: 10/4/2017
Katya Casper Date Received: 09/30/2017
Steven Schneider Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 09/29/2017
"Very sorry to hear of this tragic thing that happened to Shann. "
Wendy Pennington Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 09/28/2017
Peter Freeland Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 09/26/2017
"From a friend of a friend!"
Tracey Fuller Date Received: 09/25/2017
Neal Frink Date Received: 09/13/2017
"Shann, we are all with you through this. "